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Experience wonderful days on a unique Siberia Raise, which you can adapt to your needs in order to experience an exciting adventure every day, characterized by historical sights and geological diversity in combination with unique natural spectacles.

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Round trips in Siberia with us:


  • We focus on small groups of 2 to 6 people.


  • We give you valuable insider tips, have ideas for exciting activities and take care of your accommodation.


  • The entire holiday can either be planned and organized by us beforehand or you can help shape it. Just as you wish.


  • We know the local conditions, the best and most interesting streets  and of course the most beautiful destinations.


  • Timing according to your wishes (will be decided by you on site)


  • We offer you everything that will make your Siberia vacation unique and unforgettable.


  • We know where to go and where not to! 

20220227_102959 — копия
Blue Lake
Telezkoe See
Pass Katu-Yaryk
Wasserfall Utschar

You can decide when your trip should take place and we will develop an individual program for you, depending on the weather conditions, based on your personal wishes.


Our offers for your individual trips in Siberia


Experience individually

from €970.00 price per person


12 days round trip 2300.00 €

price per person


12 days round trip 1850.00 €

price per person


Guided Off Road trip

€350.00 price per day


19 Days round trip 2750.00 €

price per person


Altai mountains with snowmobile

from €1350.00 price per person

All trips are individually customizable. Sights, visits and activities are already included in the round trips .​


    In order to earn your trust, I would like to tell you about myself

My name is Alexander Karpunin, I was born in Russia (Novosibirsk) in 1975.


My story in Germany began in 1991, when Russian Germans from Siberia moved to Germany.


2008 was an important page in my life. Then I started developing individual travel tours in Russia for German speakers.


I'm in love with my business and I can't imagine my life without adventure and travel.


My main task is your perfect stay in Altai. But this region is known not only for the stunning beauty of virgin nature, but also for the rich history.


I do everything to make your trip an unforgettable experience. This includes joint travel planning, organization of your wishes and individual on-site support. I'm with you from start to finish. I lead all tours myself as your personal German-speaking guide.

And what can be better than active rest?

This type of recreation gives a chance to give yourself a boost and break away from routine.

We propose you winter and summer tours of Altai:


  • jeep tours

  • hiking tours

  • fishing

  • photo hunt

  • snowmobile tours

 My knowledge of Germany and Russia (Siberia), language proficiency (German, Russian) and love of nature will make you feel relaxed during travel and enjoy tours


Get in touch with us, my team and I look forward to hearing from you.

Get in touch with us, my team and I look forward to hearing from you.

Opinions and impressions of our guests

Toyota LC 200

Our vehicles are at your disposal
Toyota Land Cruiser.

Our vehicles (Toyota Land Cruiser) are at your disposal.

We will pick you up from the airport with this car and use it for the whole trip in any season.

In order to give you an adventurous journey, we try to avoid the well-developed roads.

The vehicles are specially modified and equipped for our travel style. You will find everything for a spontaneous rest - sleeping mats, tents, campfire equipment (dishes, food).  

Such a well-equipped vehicle allows us to easily stop in any place to simply enjoy nature or spend the night at Mother Green's. Thanks to our Toyota, we always remain mobile and flexible! 


Before departure, they are checked in a workshop. During the tour, our vehicles are checked daily by your guide. We would also like to note that despite regular maintenance, car breakdowns can happen.


You can get groceries for on the go in the city in a supermarket.

On the way there are shops in the villages where you can get everything you need. We especially recommend the groceries that are sold on the side of the road, as they come fresh from the garden or forest.

On request I can give you tips for beautiful places or interesting sights.

120.00€  price per day

  from 5 days to any duration.
Якорь 1
Якорь 2

  Accommodation is an integral part of every trip

And we, for our part, are happy to offer you different options that meet your needs and desires, starting with rest in a tent in nature and ending with a stay in a comfortable Hotel . In addition, you will have the opportunity to spend your time in typical Russian or Altaic houses, so to speak, to see the color of this or that nationality from the inside. 

One of the most interesting, unusual and at the same time universal types of accommodation when traveling around is tents, which we always take with us.  Imagine fresh air, good company, hiking songs, untouched nature, so-called isolation from civilization and most importantly deep and healthy sleep!!! Another advantage is the possibility of pitching a tent at any time and anywhere. You can decide for yourself where, when and how long you want to stay in the tent

Another type is accommodation in a hotel with every comfort. We reserve a room for you in advance or register on site. Unfortunately, not all places can propose a hotel, because very often we make our trips through unusual and sometimes even inhospitable areas.

Otherwise, tourist camps and inns will be made available to you.  These are rustic comfortable wooden houses. Many residents often rent out their houses, and in this case tourists get a pleasant bonus of visiting the banya, which leaves a warm impression.

Our other offer is to spend your nights and days in a traditional Altair living room. That is called Altai ail, which looks like a pyramid or dome. Thanks to the accommodation in such a house you will get a lot of positive emotions and exciting legends. For Altaians, Ail used to be not only a living space, but also a sacred place, so each Ail contains powerful energetics.


You have to make a choice, what is better for you and what you want - romantic and at the same time adventurous overnight stay in a tent, or quiet and comfortable hotel, or unusual and mysterious ail suits you better.


Have you already heard about Russian or Altaic specialties? Or even tried? If your answer is no, then our journey will open the delicious new world for you!

We aim to prepare national dishes all together and bring the popular kitchen recipes.

Mostly we prepare together at our accommodations in tourist camps, campsites, in some hotels and log cabins. As a rule, in such cases we have at our disposal another special and suitable place for a campfire, where we can grill or make shashlyk . Our menu is rich and unique. During the trip you will try such dishes as pelmeni (something like boiled meat dumplings), vareniki (pastries filled with puree or cottage cheese) or the most famous around the world pancakes with or without fillings! Please note that Altaic land gives us everything necessary for stuffing, fresh berries, honey, butter, jam, cheese. We buy other groceries that we need fresh from the local supermarkets. The whole process takes place under supervision. Well, to cook and eat by yourself is really good, but Altai gives us another opportunity to fish by yourself!

Fish can be prepared in different ways. The popular dish is uha (fish soup), the recipe of which you must write down. Cooking together helps us to get to know each other better and to better feel the Altaic atmosphere, peculiarities and uniqueness of this region!


Of course, sometimes we also eat in restaurants, pubs and snack bars. Almost every destination offers restaurants that not only present the delicious specialties of the area, but also European or even Asian dishes. There, however, each traveler pays for his own meal and drinks. The restaurant allows the style of the building, the special features of the food presentation or the variety of specialties to be assessed.


We are sure that everyone will find something for their tooth during our fascinating Altai trip!

Якорь 3

How much does your Siberia trip cost in detail? 


Since we are not opening a simple travel catalog in which each trip 
is identical, but create each Siberia tour individually for our guests, we can only determine the specific price for your desired and dream trip by means of a specific offer for you. 

The prices vary greatly depending on the number of participants, the duration of the trip, your ideas, wishes and needs. 
They are made up of many different factors (e.g. vehicle and accommodation costs, tolls, ferry fees etc. etc.). 

Since we plan every single Siberian round trip individually according to the wishes of our guests, a flat rate per day is not possible. 

After an information meeting, however, we will give you a specific travel price. 

You will therefore receive an offer for each trip (of course without obligation and free of charge for you)  with a price that was calculated individually for your trip. 

In contrast to a package tour  you do not pay a euro for things you do not need. 

In contrast to a package tour, you don't pay a single euro for things you don't need. 

   Price per person from  970_cc781905-5cde-3193-516-bb3cf€


We run trips with 2 - 6 guests from 5 days to any duration.

Price for these trips with 1 person on request

Included in the price:

  • German speaking support

  • Round trip in an off-road vehicle with personal chauffeur 

  • Accommodation

  • trips

  • Camping, kitchen equipment ( food )

  • Russian Bahja / Sauna


Not included in the price:

  • Flight to Barnaul or Gorno-Altaysk and back (from 400 EUR)

  • Obtaining a visa (90 EUR)

  • dining out

  • Travel cancellation and health insurance.

  • Single rooms are limited and only available on request


Due to many requests, we offer you the option of paying the travel price upon arrival in (Russia, Barnaul, ).

There are no fixed arrival days or times with us. 
We are there for you whenever you want it! If your schedule and our booking situation allows it, every day is possible as an arrival or departure day. On Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays - of course also. 


If you have any questions about our trips in Siberia, you can read the following Form use!

We will contact you immediately.


Contact us  and let us know what you want. We will be happy to make you an appropriate offer.

Tour operator in Russia

Alexander Karpunin
Beregovaya 96a

Tel:   +49 5571 927 38 98

Mob: +7 913 3639541


Travel agency in Germany

sky travel 

Hannoversche Str.72 

31582 Nienburg 

Tel + 495021912835 

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