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Ukok Plateau admirable spot. Everything is special and unusual here

 Ukok Plateau lies at the crossroads of four countries: Russia - Mongolia - China and Kazakhstan, even now in 21 century Ukok is considered a difficult to access and little explored territory. For many kilometers around Ukok an aura of mystery and mysticism is preserved. This phenomenon has a deep historical background - throughout the development of the plateau, in the mythology of peoples (the Scythians, Huns, etc.), Ukok played an important role. This is a kind of buffer between the earthly and the heavenly worlds. Even now, when the world is constantly changing, here it is as if time has stood still, the people here still protect the peace of the ancient burial mounds, consider the Ukok to be the place of power,

and believe in the stories of Almas - giant, human-like beings who live in the mountains, in the eternal snow and ice. Here they are called Kiskek with an old Mongolian word. These legends may sound archaic, but in the mythologies of many peoples, the descriptions of these beings agree in every detail. Isn't this surprising? In addition, the habitat of the snow stags has been preserved here high in the mountains. This amazing animal is so mysterious that science knows next to nothing about this cat's habits. Who knows what secrets these mountains still keep

  Expedition route:

Barnaul → Biysk → Chemal → Kosh-Agach → Ukok Plateau → Kosh-Agach → Aktash → Biysk → Barnaul


Expedition destinations:

  • immersion in the culture and way of life of the nomadic Altai;

  • acquaintance with ancient and modern cultures of Altai;

  • Visit to the hard-to-reach Ukok plateau;

  • visit to the tomb of the Scythian princess;

  • Visiting and exploring the rock carvings of Kyzyl-Tas;

  • Overcoming the pass "The Hot Spring" , 2960 meters;

  • visiting the hard-to-reach districts of Altai;

  • Photo and video recordings at the protected natural areas;

travel program


1 day

Arrival to Barnaul expedition launch site, meet at airport, hotel accommodation. After a rest from the long flight, getting to know the tour group. Preparation of the expedition.

Altai w.JPG

2-3 Day

The first few hours on a federal highway may seem boring. The flat part of Altai is not much different from similar landscapes in central Russia. However, after 250-300 km the foothills begin, and then "Golden Mountains of Altai". The route of the expedition runs along the legendary tract M-52, the so-called «Tschuysky tract». Mountains covered with taiga forests, clean rivers, cave paintings and burial mounds are what await us these days and what we will see. Rest stop and overnight on the banks of the Katun in a scenic location.


4-5 Day

The early breakfast. Drive to the settlement of Kosh-Agach, the last inhabited place on the way of the expedition. Preparation for the onward journey: we replenish the stocks of food and fuel. The plan for these days - the course to the south. One has to overcome the Chuysky basin and cross the eastern foothills of the South Chuysky mountain range, and reach the Ukok plateau. The path becomes increasingly difficult, the road continues to climb. We set up camp on the bank of a small river. Overnight in tents


6th day

Visit to one of the most ancient monuments of Ukok - Kyzyl-Tas field painting. Impressive representations are carved on the flat rocks: bulls, ibexes, camels, images of everyday life. Most of the rock carvings are dated to the period of the heyday of Scythian culture. The panorama of the Tabyn-Bogdo-Ola mountain range - the most powerful knot of mountain glaciation in Central Asia on the border of Russia, Mongolia and China. Here the view of the massif of Cholog-Chad opens up.


7th day

Urochishche Bertek - the Ukok plateau got its worldwide fame thanks to the archaeological find discovered in 1993 as a burial mound from the Scythian era. "The Skifski Princess" - that's exactly what the public called the most important find in this region. The found mummy of the woman, which lay in the tomb for about 2500 years, has been well preserved.

Ukok zelt.JPG

8th day

The day of rest. Photo and video recordings. Walks in the surroundings of the camp. Scheduled technical maintenance of cars. The preparation and control of the equipment. Dinner. Photographs of the sunset at Ukok


9 day

Today we have a tough and adventurous day. To cross Ukok from west to east, and launch an attack of the mountain pass Теплый ключ as soon as possible. At an altitude of over 3000 meters, snowfall can begin and make further movement difficult. The stop today is on the bank of a clean stream.


10-12 Day

After the most difficult part is behind us, we begin the slow descent To the warmer and friendlier regions. During the descent, fascinating views of the picturesque nature open up to us, where we also take our breaks if necessary. Romantic evening around the campfire.


13th day

Return to Barnaul. On the way we stop at a traditional place to buy souvenirs and honey. Overnight at the hotel in Barnaul. farewell dinner


14th day


  • transfer to the airport

  • return flight.


Accommodation  home :-)

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