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Guided Off Road trip

from €350.00

price per day

During the journey you will cross several climate zones with very different natural landscapes and weather conditions. You will get to know the culture and everyday life of the inhabitants of Altai, Hakassia, Tuva and other ethnic groups of Siberia. The journey runs along a busy and well-developed federal highway as well as through absolutely impassable terrain with guaranteed off-road adventures. Here you have the opportunity to experience the true beauty of nature up close. You will also drive through the mountains and mountain passes of the Tuva and Hakassia, stay in real yurts (wooden houses), watch ore mining and visit the gold mines.


   This Siberia trip offers you numerous indescribable experiences that you will remember for a long time.


Barnaul → Biysk → Gorno-Altaysk → Artibash (Lake Teletskoye) → Ulagan → Aktash  → Kosh-Agach → Lake Kindyktykul →Chadan → Abakan

Included in the price:

  • German speaking support

  • Excursions and visits including admission

  • All transfers by 4x4 vehicle


Not included in the price:

  • Flight to Barnaul and back (from 400 EUR)

  • Obtaining a visa (EUR 85)

  • dining out

  • Travel cancellation and health insurance.

  • Single rooms are limited and only available on request

travel program


1 day

Arrival in Barnaul.

  • Meeting at the airport.

  • Sightseeing of the capital of Altai Krai


Accommodation in a comfortable hotel room.


2 day


Barnaul - Biysk - Gorno-Altaysk - Artibasch (Lake Teletskoye)


Duration: 10 hours (car approx. 400 km)

Accommodation in an inn


3rd day



Duration: 10 hours (ferry 80 km car 40 km)

Overnight stay in traditionallem  Altai living room "Ail"


4th day

day trip


Duration:  hours (12km walk)

Overnight stay in traditionallem  Altai living room "Ail"

Pass Katu-Yaryk.jpg

5th day




Duration: 8 hours (car 150 km)

Overnight stay in traditionallem  Altai living room "Ail"


6th day

day trip


Duration: 8 hours (15 km by car, 4 - 12 km on foot).

Overnight stay in traditionallem  Altai living room "Ail"

Kizil Chin.jpg

7th day


Kurai –  Kosch-Agatsch


Overnight in tent

Pass Buguzun.jpg

8th day


Kosh-Agach - Lake Kindyktykul


Overnight in tent


9th day


Lake Kindyktykul - Chadan


Overnight in tent

Chuiski Traktat.jpg

Day 10 


Chadan – Camping Bars


Overnight in camping


11th day

day trip

  • hike

  • farewell dinner


Duration: 6 hours (8 km on foot)

Overnight in camping

Toyota LC 200

12th day


Camping Bars - Abakan

  • And goodbye

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